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Theses at HKU
Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETDs)
An ETD can be only the electronic version of the printed work, or it can be much more, taking advantage of new forms of media and presentation not possible in print. ETDs will allow online archival, and worldwide retrieval. Several HKU degree programs now require the submissions of an ETD at the same time that the printed work is submitted. Please follow the links below for more information.
HKU Policy on ETDs
Format of HKU ETDs
How to Create an ETD
How to Submit an ETD to HKU
Relevant Web Links
Printed Theses
Policies for MPhil and PhD on the format and submission of printed theses are given by the HKU Graduate School. For theses in other programs, the sponsoring HKU department or faculty must be consulted.
HKU Graduate School
HKU GS "Handbook"
HKU GS "Preparing and Submitting your Thesis: A Guide for MPhil and PhD Students"
HKU GS Regulations for MPhil & PhD, including those for format, binding & presentation of thesis
Library's Role in HKU Theses
Author's Submission Form. The Libraries acquire printed and electronic theses for PhD, MPhil, and SJD. The printed theses are then transferred and stored in The HKU Archives. For all other thesis producing degrees, the Libraries acquire and store electronic copy only. They allow access to the theses according to the forms below. Students producing print theses for storage in The HKU Archives, and electronic theses for storage in the Libraries, must be sure to fill out the proper form and submit it to their faculty office at the time of submitting their printed thesis. The faculty office will pass these on to the Libraries. (Forms below revised Aug 2010)
MPhil & PhD "Author's Submission Form"
Other HKU Degrees "Author's Submission Form"
Binding. Besides their role in the University's ETD program described above, the Libraries also offer a binding service, described in the link below.
Binding Service for Higher Degree Students of HKU
Binding Specifications for thesis/dissertations submitted for HKU higher degrees
Restricted Access
Authors of theses may request the proper authority to grant them permission to block access to their theses, print & electronic, for up to three years. Students in MPhil, PhD and SJD should apply for this restriction from the Board of Examination for Graduate Studies (BOEGS). These students should make enquiry of the HKU Graduate School for complete details of this process. Students in other degrees should apply for this restriction from their faculty office. If the Libraries receive a properly signed letter from the Board of Examination for Graduate Studies or the faculty office, the Libraries will 1) create a bibliographic record in the catalogue but suppress it for up to three years, and 2) mount the e-thesis but block access to it for up to three years.

If authors wish to disallow photocopying of their printed theses, they may write a letter to the Librarian requesting this. If authors wish to disallow copying of their electronic thesis, they should apply for "restricted access" as explained in the above paragraph.
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